Organisational Transformation at Digital Speed

Adapt, innovate, and thrive
with insight-powered intuition.

From chaos to clarity in 10 days

Our promise is to get you a detailed bottom-up picture of your organisational capabilities within 10 days - no matter what size your organisation.

Strategic Traction

Dramatically improve alignment between business strategy and operational & capability management.

Eliminate silos and respond dynamically to market and industry changes.

X-ray Vision

See inside complex organisational structures.

Move from ad-hoc, anecdotal, and approximate to clear, accurate, and detailed knowledge.

Intuition & Insights

Power your intuition with data-driven capability insight. Spot opportunities and validate ideas before you commit.

Innovate with your organisation's structure safely to build your pathway to competitive advantage.

Workforce Resilience

Gain unparalleled clarity to make the best possible decisions when acquiring, partnering, or restructuring.

Unleash latent talent and capitalise on opportunities while keeping your workforce in-tune with current and future planned changes.

Enduring Performance

Lay the foundations that encourage the best in your people. Facilitate alignment and improve specific and strategic skills continuously and transparently.

Motivate deep-rooted changes and ensure lasting high performance.

Complete the circle!

Can we do it?

Feasibility is only one half of that answer. Doability is the other half. And you want the answers before you lay your money and your reputation on the line.


Doability is the key missing ingredient in most transformation initiatives. It's the human factor.

H3O is a simple, human-centred, and smart solution that guarantees rapid innovation readiness. It integrates strategy with capability and takes you to the point of clarity within days, not months.

H3O makes capability management a living adaptive process. It provides the insights needed to make sometimes radical changes with full knowledge of the impacts and confidence of the outcome.


How does H3O help?

Shape capabilities and build a flexible and adaptive workforce that perfectly aligns with your strategic imperatives

Point of Clarity

  • High fidelity picture of your current state
  • Build confidence for change
  • Spot opportunities

Map your strategy to your capability model. Delegate and manage rapid collection of granular skills data.

Point of Insight

  • Discover hidden talent and calibrate roles to fit strategy
  • Leverage actionable data to select your optimal path
  • Unparalleled depth & precision via on-the-pulse integrated dashboard

Generate gap analysis of current-state and future-state. Model and collaborate on what-if workforce scenarios.


  • Respond dynamically to market and industry changes
  • Evolve in the direction you have set and achieve resilient change
  • Empower your people for peak performance

Manage your M&A, restructures, and partnering initiatives with clear workforce specifications. Develop targeted professional development plans. Track transformation KPIs to strategic drivers.

Are you ready?

Capt. James T Kirk

"Seek out new worlds and boldly go where no organisation has gone before."

Simon Sinek

"The challenge of the unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past."

Jim Collins

"Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline."

Lao Tzu

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."

"The clouds remind us that everything changes. Prepare the way for the future."


Move your world.

H3O - helping great people make great organisations.